Beautiful Ways People Repurpose Glass Bottles That Can't Be Recycled

You may take all your bottles to a recycling center to recycle them and get your money back, or to make a little money. You then realize that most bottle returns won't take wine or spirit bottles. That doesn't mean you can't recycle them. Instead of throwing them into a landfill, use them to make incredible projects. Here are some examples of the most beautiful and innovative bottle repurpose projects:

The Temple of a Million Bottles

In Thailand, you will find an entire temple built from recycled beer bottles. The monks at the temple began to collect bottles from local villages in an attempt to clean up waste and keep the streets clear. They then used the bottles to build an entire temple, complete with garden walls, Buddha statues, and even toilets. It is believed that the temple is made from over 1.5 million bottles and counting. It is a beautiful testament to humanity and the Buddhist faith--not to mention the colors that appear when the sun hits the bottles are remarkable.

Glass Bottle Walls

Glass bottles walls are used in homes and gardens, or anywhere that the light will hit the glass to create prisms of light. The amount of creativity that goes into these walls is astounding. People have created very elaborate walls by mixing concrete and glass bottles. The concrete forms the wall, and then glass bottles are inserted in a pattern, with the concrete snugly hugging the glass. These bottles have been placed into elaborate designs, such as trees and garden paths. There are geometric designs that create geometric light shows on the ground when the sun shines through the glass.

Stained Glass

There are several artists that create stained glass windows using old bottles. The bottoms of bottles are removed and placed within the glass. The designs on the bottom of the bottles create beautiful patterns when light hits them. Many of these glass bottle bottoms are placed in a geometric pattern in the window pane. It is a unique and beautiful version of "stained glass" that also helps the environment by recycling glass bottles.

Christmas Trees and Chandeliers

Bars and restaurants like to find ways to entertain guests with decorations. This is especially true during the holidays. Some places have figured out how to turn wine bottles into Christmas trees. They have a giant wine-tiered wine stand to place the bottles so that they look like the branches on a tree. For chandeliers, a similar wine stand is placed upside down on the ceiling. This stand has lights that hit the bottles to create a prism of color in the room.

Bottles that you can take to the bottle return still have plenty of uses. Use some of these great ideas of come up with your own. Talk to a service like Sur-Del Bottle Depot to learn more about bottle recycling.