3 Ways To Manage Your Office's Waste

Offices can produce a high volume of waste every week. If you want to cut down on the amount of waste that your office produces, and deal with that waste in a more productive manner, you need to set-up a commercial recycling program for your office. Recycling is key for offices, as the vast majority of trash produced by offices can be recycled.

Invest in Nice Bins

If you want your recycling system to be successful, you need to be willing to invest in a nice set-up. Some recycling programs will provide you with bins free of charge and others will require you to invest in your own bins.

You are going to want to invest in color coded bins for your office. Each bin should be clearly labeled so that all of your employees can easily, at a glance, know where to put their waste.

You are going to want to have enough bins so that you can spread them out across your office. You are going to want to have a set of bins near all of your copier centers. You should have a set of bins near each area of desks or offices.

Get Rid of Personal Trash Cans

Next, you are going to want to get rid of personal trash cans under everyone's desks. Personal trash cans often lead to less recycling and more trash in your office. Put a few strategic trash bins throughout your office for waste that cannot be recycled. Also, having to get up to throw away their trash will help make your employees more aware and conscious of the trash that they are creating, which can help your efforts to reduce trash.

Offer your employees personal recycling bins for under their desks that they can use to fill up with recycled material that they can then transfer to the larger recycle bins in your office.

Reduce Paper Consumption

Finally, work on reducing the amount of paper that your office creates. Order supplies in bulk to reduce packaging. Although most packaging can be recycled, the less that you have to recycle, the better.

Next, implement pull printing or follow me printing. With this type of printing, after an employee sends a job to the printer, they then have to go to the printer and click on the job for it to actually print out.

Have a Plan for Used Electronics

Finally, have a plan for your used electronics. Don't just let old computers sit in your storage area for years. Contact a computer recycling company to pick them up so that the parts can be broken down and reused. Even a computer that is not working any more has lots of valuable parts that can be reused. A professional computer recycling program will make sure that all of your information on the machine is destroyed as well so that your business information is not compromised. 

This helps prevent jobs from printing that were sent to the printer on accident. This also helps cut down on wasted jobs that are just left sitting at the printer, uncollected. Any ways that you can reduce the amount of paper that your office creates is a good thing.