Are You Upgrading All Of Your Company's Computers And Phones? 3 Benefits Of Using Professional Electronics Recycling Services

New electronics always brings some excitement to the workplace. Not only can your employees find ways to be more productive, but it is also a sign that your business is thriving. While you are likely busy selecting the best computers and phones to fit your company's goals, it is important to remember that you also need a plan to eliminate the old devices that you have at your workplace. Once you've ordered your new devices, you need to consider these three benefits of using professional electronics recycling services to address the ones that you no longer need.

Protect Essential Data

Data protection is essential for today's companies since you never know who may be trying to break through software to steal essential information such as design plans or personal details that can be used for identity theft. While you may have a data protection system already in place, it can all go out the window if you simply toss the computers and phones in the trash. Consider the devices to be like essential files. If you would never throw someone's paper records out in the dumpster, then you should treat the phones and computers the same way. Electronics recycling often includes assistance with wiping information from hard drives and other storage devices so that no critical information is leaked.

Preserve the Environment

Electronics are made from materials that can be toxic to the environment as well as other people and animals. Lead, mercury and cadmium are just a few toxic materials that can be leached into the ground and water systems if they are just thrown out to sit in a landfill. Recycling electronics is done in such a way as to help reduce the amount of toxins that are left behind by outdated devices. Some devices also contain valuable materials, such as gold, in quantities that can be reused to make other electronics. Choosing to recycle also means that your company is able to help preserve natural resources that are in limited supply.

Reduce Costly Clutter

Once the new devices arrive, your team can expect to be busy inputting information and setting up the software. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that the outdated devices simply get boxed up and forgotten about in the storage closet or warehouse. Since every inch of space at your company's building has value, leaving outdated devices to sit is costly. When you arrange for electronics recycling services, you can arrange to have it all picked up so that the change out is seamless. This opens up space in your building that can be used for better purposes such as expanding the offices or storing inventory.

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