How Is Scrap Metal Processed?

Have you ever looked out at the rusty hull of an old ship or the empty skeleton of an old car and wondered where all that metal ends up? Does it pile up in landfills like so many empty milk cartons and banana peels? The truth might surprise you. The scrap metal industry is booming in the United States. In the year 2010, the scrap metal recycling industry processed 130 million metric tons of scrap materials, valued at more than $77 billion.

Are You Upgrading All Of Your Company's Computers And Phones? 3 Benefits Of Using Professional Electronics Recycling Services

New electronics always brings some excitement to the workplace. Not only can your employees find ways to be more productive, but it is also a sign that your business is thriving. While you are likely busy selecting the best computers and phones to fit your company’s goals, it is important to remember that you also need a plan to eliminate the old devices that you have at your workplace. Once you’ve ordered your new devices, you need to consider these three benefits of using professional electronics recycling services to address the ones that you no longer need.

Tips For Recycling Household Batteries

Many people amass dead batteries, but few people know what exactly to do with them. For safety purposes, it is important to avoid simply throwing old batteries away with the rest of your trash – they should always be recycled at a facility that specifically advertises battery recycling services. How you store and prepare your old, dead batteries for recycling can make a big difference. Taking a few extra steps can help ensure that your batteries do not short circuit or cause any other type of problem.

Recycling Scrap Metal From A Commercial Operation

Recycling Scrap Metal From A Commercial Operation Recycling is important and offers some benefits to the environment and sometimes to your wallet. Collecting aluminum cans and selling them is a great way to make a few dollars but what about scrap from a commercial business? Often it can be sold to the recycler as well, and the income from it can help offset some cost for the company. What Kind of Metal can be Recycled?

3 Ways To Manage Your Office's Waste

Offices can produce a high volume of waste every week. If you want to cut down on the amount of waste that your office produces, and deal with that waste in a more productive manner, you need to set-up a commercial recycling program for your office. Recycling is key for offices, as the vast majority of trash produced by offices can be recycled. Invest in Nice Bins If you want your recycling system to be successful, you need to be willing to invest in a nice set-up.

Take Your Old CFL Bulbs To A Lamp Recycling Center

You may not realize you shouldn’t dispose of certain types of lamps and bulbs in your regular trash. These are bulbs that contain mercury, and they should be recycled instead. You can’t put them in your recycling container though. Instead, you need to find a drop-off center or a company that accepts them by mail. Here are a few things to know about lamp recycling. What Lamps And Bulbs Should Be Recycled 

Tips For Managing Your Business's Recycling

Reducing the amount of garbage that your business produces can be an important way of helping to protect the environment. Unfortunately, business owners are often unaware of what steps they should be taking to achieve this goal. If you are currently looking at ways of improving your business’s handling of its waste products, instituting a recycling program for your business can be an extremely effective and efficient solution. Avoiding Simply Throwing Out Electronics

Need Extra Money? Why You Should Pick Up Scrap Metal

If you’ve ever been in a financial bind and needed some extra money, you’re not alone. It’s always a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve because you just don’t know when you’re going to need some additional coins to make the budget fit. If you’ve walked past some aluminum cans on the street, you may not know just how lucrative they can be. There is scrap metal all around you if you would just take a look at it, and recycling it can truly help to make your funds meet the ends.

What Parts Of A Computer Are Worth Recycling?

Do you have a few old desktop computers, laptops, or even tablets that can’t be brought back up to speed? If upgrades are out of the question or they’re too broken to fix, there’s a way to get a bit of money back through scrapping these electronics. Whether you just want to turn the devices in or break things down to the component level, here are a few recycling points to help you make the most out of a computer past its prime.

2 Reasons To Consider Using A Scrap Metal Recycling Service

A scrap metal recycling service is a fantastic resource for just about anyone to utilize, mostly because it can give people the opportunity to protect the environment and earn a bit of money. Listed below are two reasons to consider using a scrap metal recycling service. It Can Help You Make A Bit Of Extra Money Another reason to consider using a scrap metal recycling service is that it can help you make a bit of extra money.

Take It Away: Junk Removal Services Clear Out Homes After A Resident Dies

If you’re in the process of cleaning out a deceased relative’s home, you won’t be surprised to hear that you’re going to end up with a ton of trash. In fact, you might have decided to be proactive and hire a liquidation company to clear out the things you don’t want. But sometimes even that doesn’t help – liquidation companies often don’t take obvious trash. If you know that you’re going to have a lot of unusable stuff left over even after the liquidators work on the place, you should start looking into either renting a large bin or having a junk removal company come in.

Beautiful Ways People Repurpose Glass Bottles That Can't Be Recycled

You may take all your bottles to a recycling center to recycle them and get your money back, or to make a little money. You then realize that most bottle returns won’t take wine or spirit bottles. That doesn’t mean you can’t recycle them. Instead of throwing them into a landfill, use them to make incredible projects. Here are some examples of the most beautiful and innovative bottle repurpose projects:

How Can You Use Biomass To Heat Your Home?

If you’re tired of high winter heating bills, you may be investigating various alternatives to your electric, propane, or oil heater. While a number of alternative energies exist – from geothermal heat to wood stoves – one option you may not be considering is the use of biomass fuel. The use of biomass in place of other heating fuel can dramatically reduce your utility bills while providing your home with a steady, safe source of organic heat.