Take It Away: Junk Removal Services Clear Out Homes After A Resident Dies

If you’re in the process of cleaning out a deceased relative’s home, you won’t be surprised to hear that you’re going to end up with a ton of trash. In fact, you might have decided to be proactive and hire a liquidation company to clear out the things you don’t want. But sometimes even that doesn’t help – liquidation companies often don’t take obvious trash. If you know that you’re going to have a lot of unusable stuff left over even after the liquidators work on the place, you should start looking into either renting a large bin or having a junk removal company come in.

Beautiful Ways People Repurpose Glass Bottles That Can't Be Recycled

You may take all your bottles to a recycling center to recycle them and get your money back, or to make a little money. You then realize that most bottle returns won’t take wine or spirit bottles. That doesn’t mean you can’t recycle them. Instead of throwing them into a landfill, use them to make incredible projects. Here are some examples of the most beautiful and innovative bottle repurpose projects:

How Can You Use Biomass To Heat Your Home?

If you’re tired of high winter heating bills, you may be investigating various alternatives to your electric, propane, or oil heater. While a number of alternative energies exist – from geothermal heat to wood stoves – one option you may not be considering is the use of biomass fuel. The use of biomass in place of other heating fuel can dramatically reduce your utility bills while providing your home with a steady, safe source of organic heat.