Recycling Scrap Metal From A Commercial Operation

Recycling Scrap Metal From A Commercial Operation Recycling is important and offers some benefits to the environment and sometimes to your wallet. Collecting aluminum cans and selling them is a great way to make a few dollars but what about scrap from a commercial business? Often it can be sold to the recycler as well, and the income from it can help offset some cost for the company. What Kind of Metal can be Recycled?

3 Ways To Manage Your Office's Waste

Offices can produce a high volume of waste every week. If you want to cut down on the amount of waste that your office produces, and deal with that waste in a more productive manner, you need to set-up a commercial recycling program for your office. Recycling is key for offices, as the vast majority of trash produced by offices can be recycled. Invest in Nice Bins If you want your recycling system to be successful, you need to be willing to invest in a nice set-up.

Take Your Old CFL Bulbs To A Lamp Recycling Center

You may not realize you shouldn’t dispose of certain types of lamps and bulbs in your regular trash. These are bulbs that contain mercury, and they should be recycled instead. You can’t put them in your recycling container though. Instead, you need to find a drop-off center or a company that accepts them by mail. Here are a few things to know about lamp recycling. What Lamps And Bulbs Should Be Recycled 

Tips For Managing Your Business's Recycling

Reducing the amount of garbage that your business produces can be an important way of helping to protect the environment. Unfortunately, business owners are often unaware of what steps they should be taking to achieve this goal. If you are currently looking at ways of improving your business’s handling of its waste products, instituting a recycling program for your business can be an extremely effective and efficient solution. Avoiding Simply Throwing Out Electronics