How Is Scrap Metal Processed?

Have you ever looked out at the rusty hull of an old ship or the empty skeleton of an old car and wondered where all that metal ends up? Does it pile up in landfills like so many empty milk cartons and banana peels? The truth might surprise you. The scrap metal industry is booming in the United States. In the year 2010, the scrap metal recycling industry processed 130 million metric tons of scrap materials, valued at more than $77 billion.

Are You Upgrading All Of Your Company's Computers And Phones? 3 Benefits Of Using Professional Electronics Recycling Services

New electronics always brings some excitement to the workplace. Not only can your employees find ways to be more productive, but it is also a sign that your business is thriving. While you are likely busy selecting the best computers and phones to fit your company’s goals, it is important to remember that you also need a plan to eliminate the old devices that you have at your workplace. Once you’ve ordered your new devices, you need to consider these three benefits of using professional electronics recycling services to address the ones that you no longer need.

Tips For Recycling Household Batteries

Many people amass dead batteries, but few people know what exactly to do with them. For safety purposes, it is important to avoid simply throwing old batteries away with the rest of your trash – they should always be recycled at a facility that specifically advertises battery recycling services. How you store and prepare your old, dead batteries for recycling can make a big difference. Taking a few extra steps can help ensure that your batteries do not short circuit or cause any other type of problem.